Friday, April 5, 2013


Ram: "Pity those people,We should do something about it"

Kay: "Yes!It has been fate of the eelam and It is not that we being a tamilan should have a strong concern about Tamil people, It is a question of lives" ..Kay replicates the emotions with even more exclamations"

Ram:"Students hunger strike,Protests.. Don't think that they would really make an impact.Seriousness of the matter never boils up but the medias get their TRP rating up"

Kay:"Yes,they gonna get nothing outta it.Waste of time"

Ram: "Absolutely,Show Off"

Kay: "Both these central and State governments make their political move and they don't seem to bother about the people"

Ram: "Yeah! I really feel sorry for those people who fail to get the support and rehabilitation"

Kay: "Me too!"

Ram: "We do not get a single opportunity to support them: :( :( "

kay: "Hmm..Yes! I just liked this "Support tamil eelam" facebook page. This page has plenty of pictures and posts related to eelam

Ram: "Oh I see"... Alright..I liked the page, Lets hope for the goodness"

Ram: "Hey did you like the IPL 2013's facebook.Seems that page is maintianed by BCCI"

kay: "Oh ! Wow"

............and the conversation happens over the facebook chat and they kept talking more and more.

This is what happens about any social issue happens in the country. Sympathy or emotional response is just similar to the tides that touch the shore and goes back and what gets left in the shore is the sheer waste!

I see myself in one of the person who converses similar to Ram and Kay!

"Let us the be change what would want to see" - Most needed fact and that should be taken as a pledge every day!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Dreaming is a gift I should say.It has a different color and atmosphere. I am always curious to understand about dreams and why do they occur.I did read about oneriology- the study of dreams. I really got confused and lost myself on it. There are hell lot of researches on dreaming and dreams. How do these neurons operate when we dream??. I understand the neurons are the masters who control the overall system.What do they do while dreaming.I have read in a book about psychons,the counterpart of neurons on thought process. These psychons play a major role in the dreaming work. Science has too many things to talk about it and I am no where close to it. I am just trying to bring out the blog-post with some fun elements and make it simple.

                 I do listen to people saying "We are living in a dream","Forget that situation as you have just dreamt" and lots more.I am an all day dreamer. There were/are many funny dreams which I remember often. Few of them are

1. I am lost in a forest and caught up by cannibals.

2. I own a Hero Honda cd100ss bike and a Computer Desktop.

3. I am chased by hundreds of elephants and rhinos close to my home.

4. I am in deal with a millionare in my native on his Contessa car and wanting him to sign the deal for 2000 :)

5. I am in exam hall appearing for Mathematics paper with all fears.This dream keeps visiting me often.When I wake up from the dream I feel so happy and fill with joy that I am no more a college student.

6. I am very close to one of my favourite actors.

             Lots more. I belive that dreams have some purpose on their visits. Some dreams that never seem to be fancy one and continous to occur which may want it to be accomplished.I remember,I had a dream where in I was thinking about writing a scifi-novel with all scientific and emotional elements. May be that is what I should be doing sometime soon. Chasing our dreams is fun yet it is a eternal bliss. You have to become what you have dreamt to be - Dale Carnegie mentioned in one of his books. Funny part is I/we do get lot of chances to get aspired on chasing the dreams and we just look for excuses to just make a living. The first and fore-most excuse could be "May be we do not get the right time or  right place to execute the plan which is being designed to achieve the dream,but still we have to live it and keep life going".Stop it and  It never really works! We have to keep chasing what so ever happens!
             """I dreamt myself to be a creator,often and have been wanting my neurons and psychons give a hand shake to each other and I should be making this happen"""

"You just can't be dreaming all the times" - I do say this to me often. I know few people actually chased their dreams and living a blessed life.

I still remember when Sachin Tendulkar was interviewed by the media after completing his hundredth hundred,he just said "Chase your dreams,Dreams do come true". Hats off to you man. Words from the real dreamer

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


"""Avatar"""! The movie ends with this word. Cast,crew and other techinicans names are being listed on the screen.

"Oh my God! Whadda movie it was! James camerooon must have got god's gifts.I love the way he made this movie. I wish I was his girl friend! :) :) :)  AWEEEEESOME!! He himself is a wonderful avatar!!".Lancy applauds James camerron after watching avatar with his soul mate Jake. Jake admires the movie very much and loves the way his partner enjoys talking about it.

"Obviously,this is James cameroon,lady. He must be wonderful and so his movies!"Jake's reply to Lancy's exclamtory words.

"I love those Navi characters.I was almost assumed myself to be a Navi while watching the first half of the movie.Lovely creatures and oh my god~ the Pandora - the paradise and a lovely place I have ever been or seen in the movies. More than computer graphics,pandora seems to be the god's own shelter". Lancy adds.

"Hmm.. May be. Dont love the way the Navi's romanced.?." Jake turns romantic

"Oh my man!!! Yeah Indeed" Lancy  throws back the answer with a cute smile..

"Jake! Do you remember the scene when the heroine navi went along with the hero for the first time. I loved the adventures and the way she narrated the pandora's beauty to the hero. I remember you then and my mind related that with the way we roamed around your place and you were describing the beautiful part of your city,dear" lancy's questions indulges jack to feel high on himself.

"Great! You must be the best awesome partner one could ever have." Jake nods his head accepting himself as being gifted.

"Jake,Did you like the Toruks? with whom the hero connects his mind...."

"Lancy,Isn't that similar to way we connect our minds?"Jake laughs and Lancy joins him with a sound laughter and adds "Hey,Dont do that with your car, my man?, you would go off with the air? and I am sure I dont find any other Toruks to connect my mind to find you in this part of the world?" they both burst out of laughters and they are about to reach their home"

Jake parks his new silver colored merchedes in the parking area of his apartment and meantime lancy looks for keys to house keys.Jake understands that Lancy needs the doors key and throws the keys to her!!

"Jake,Hey... Jake, I am not able to open the door,What the hell it is,Help me out?" Lancy screams after struggling to open the door for few mins.

"Lancy, you could never open our house door with my car keys... ha ha ha ha ha.SORRRY SORRY .. I'm coming...I'm coming.." Jake replies with the laughter...

Jakes opens the house and Lancy is shocked/stunned/amazed/ (or the other adjectives) at seeing the living room.The room is decorated with her favorite colors. Garland of fresh flowers was arranged her to welcome  to the house.."Oh my GOD"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"... There is another stack of flowers arranged in heart shaped with a cake in the middle of it.

"Whats that"??? Lancy happens to hear a unusual noise in the corner of the house". She finds a couple of cute little puppies,seem to be waiting for lancy to hold them. How lovely pets they are :) :) Lancy kisses and holds them in her hands:)

"My Man!!!................. "lancy's accolades must impress Jake. Lancy calls him and he is not around there.But where is he?????A Sudden darkness frightens lancy for a second .In a minute's time, she is surrounded by 25 candle lights almost lightened up in all parts of the room..She has almost become an angel of the paradise and this appeals to be the way she enjoyed pandora an hour back.Lancy is yet to come to her normal state and the door is being knocked. She finds a way to open the door amidst the environment and there you go!!

Cute little girls of 5-7 years(old) are coming towards lancy with the set of roses in their hands and are kissing lancy with the warmth love..What adjectives do you need?'

"Oooops .What is this"..Lancy feels something falls on her and guess what is that??Lavender flowers!!! "Where does Jake get these from???".

She needs jake now... She calls jake"Jake!!! Where are youu................."!!

"Hey! Lancy . I am here. Look at the stairs!!!"... Lancy finds him and he has been capturing all these moments with this HQ canon!

"Now tell me!!Am i supposed to be better than James Cameroon".... He smiles and approaches her with a colorful card in his hand.

"Happy Valentines day" ..............

Tears of love .... Ecstatic state of being loved.... Don't these emotions carry their life all the way?

I really do not know or find words to describe lancy's poetic reply to him..Ahhh! I just stop here. You dont need words to describe or narrative this emotional bliss.
Hope you enjoyed reading :) :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tea for two and a piece of cake: My Review

There has been a little desire in me to post reviews about books.I have been hesitating to execute it since I am not voracious reader at all.This thought has changed after reading my favorite author preeti shenoy's book "Tea for two and a piece of cake".

To start with, let me remember you a statement that you would have heard or read "All is fair in war and love" (from the JAB WE MET- Movie).

The Film makers say "We have conceived the movie in a different dimension and blah blah blah".but those movies would have got one more spicy item dance and unwanted scenes. There would be few movies which actually mean it. We love it and the makers do mean what they say and this applies to this book

Before reading the book, I had no idea about the story.As I have read all preeti shenoy's books, I believed that "this is gonna be something unusual" and It was. You would heard about this word "Triangular love story". I should say this "A Cup of Tea and Piece of cake" is a right angled triangular love story :)  and you would know it at once you have read the book. The story has two parts and they are narrated with extra-ordinary situations with perfect vocabularies.

This Story revolves around Nisha,Samir,Aakash,some friends and Tea (:)). Nisha should be a girl we would identify in our neighborhood.A girl who loves to be loved.A girl who loves his work and little emotional towards it

First part:

This part of the story .The first half of the book revolves around her time with the person whom she finds as a dream guy or lovable heartthrob or what ever.She loves him to the core.Preeti has narrated this first half at her best. you would want to be samir (If you are a male) and Nisha (If you are the opposite gender).This part has blend of emotions knitted together which would make you appreciate the narrative skills of author. It has strong love,perfectionism,misunderstandings and you would adore the way the characters react to each other.

Second Part.

The friendship part and this is the unusual part and kudos to the author for consciousness about the fact on putting this important relationship. Aakash,a smart and cool guy who adores nisha very much.In this second part (I really loved reading this part of the book). The most important this this part has too many cute characters. I was lost while reading this chapter.The happenings were getting visualized in front of mind and I wished I was a neighbour to Nishaa. Nisha's kids and Mrs B's characters are breezy and everyone would love to have them. Rohit and his sister stole my heart. Love in this part is something real and unusual. You cannot stop yourself falling in love with nisha if you were one of the characters in the story.

Inference from this book:

1. Be audacious all the times.
2. Be generous and you will get it back in multiples of it.
3. You can work out the relation ship issues if you speak out.
4. The world will not be the way you like the world to be.You need to adapt yourself

Above all, I have learnt important facts from this book.As I said ""All is fair in war and love" (from the JAB WE MET- Movie)", holds good here.Love and it is the best one that one can ever give it to her/his person.It makes you what ever you want to be. It gives you the ability to achieve what others said we cannot. and You would find the reason/ways after reading this book.

P.S. I really miss a Cup of Tea from Nisha and a Piece of Cake from Mrs B.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Cometh-the-hour 7

All about me in terms of TEA and CAKE


Endeavor to resolve my mistakes at the earliest opportunity.

Afraid of anomalies.

Coffee Addict.

Amiable chap, who would try not to indulge in negative gossips.but I do sometimes :)

Knocking my brain, is the most difficult thing for me to take up.So I mostly go  with the other moron - Heart :)

Ever-lasting relationship builder with whom-ever I meet.Sometime it sucks and at the end gives me the pleasure of knowing someone and too much sensitive about it :)

Tea was my best companion during my unemployed days and CAKE makes me a kid,all the times :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

An Angel called "Sister"

Cometh-the-hour :6

   """"I am 70 years old now.I believe that I have done my best part to life which is being given to me.The Reclining Chair has been the best companion for me for the past few years. Every motion of the chair gives me the best of my lives. I am not sure how did I live for the first 5 years since my birth. About the rest of 65 years,I could visualize many more  moments . Those are the valuable times.

At my 5th age:

    I was told that parents should be treated as God. I used to think that "Why does this pretty girl live with me? Did god send her or where does she come from"?. Mother was excited and smiled when she answered these questions.she told me that "She is an angel sent by the god to live along with you".An angel who can play,can walk with you by holding your hand tightly, can sometimes sing lullaby,can feed some food,can make you asleep,can dress up you,can come to school with you. And she did. More than the actions mentioned. She brought me chocolates,helped me in home work,wrote impositions,gave her toys,kissed in my forehead sometimes,called me with some pet names and what not.I really enjoyed being with her. I also learnt to call her as "AKKA" (sister).

At my 15th age:

    I guess she is 4 years older than me. She was doing her college when I wrote my SSLC exams.She was now called as a woman.I was middle-teen-aged ,the stage when everyone misunderstands the world. I was persumed that the world has to deliver what I had needed. Hence I failed,failed and failed in many such stuffs. She was with me all those hard moments and made me to understood the real meaning of the situations attacked me. She started being a good friend of me.She understood my activities and moulded me like "clay toy" which could look absolutely awesome.I crossed many miserable happenings with the help for her warmth,words and affection.

At my 25th age:

       Almost she was acting as a guide then in terms of everything. I could call her as a teacher. She was married then. We had lot of conversation over phone , but meeting her was quite rare thing and her warmth was reflecting in the cute text messages she sent. All she did was, teaching me the values of life and how the world would treat me.
Years passed..

At my 55th age:

       She was fallen sick. She had a heart attack. She was completely in bed rest and almost counting her last days.I had got only few minutes per month to meet her and she could not even speak. All her smiles and tears showed the meaning of whole life till then and remembering all those moments we had shared.I still remember she passed away at 56th birthday.

I am 70 years old now. The angel is no more. The teacher is not there to teach me the valuable thoughts. Except her thoughts,I have no other properties of her. I could sense the tears of mine now.Heart pains me.Can't see the book placed over the table.The Reclining Chair is about to stop. I hope this must be my last minute of my lifff....."""""" ( I am almost dead)

Ghosh............"I dont want to die.. I dont want to die" I was screaming and woke up from my dream.Thank god I am still alive.I will be 25 years old in another 2 days from now.I could not forget this dream ever. I am not sure there could be any such dreams which will have such a strong impact on one-self. I could see me as a happiest man in my dream. I understand that "Colorful dreams exist".

I remember this quote " The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend."

Monday, January 30, 2012

An Author, A Guest and Some one!


 This blog post is based on "Prompt for this Tuesday" - creative writing thought initiated by preetishenoy- Author of two national best sellers .(

This Tuesday's meme:

"The table is set perfectly, for 'tea for two'. (and the piece of cake is ready too).  I am really looking forward to this. There is still a good half an hour left for my guest to arrive as per the  text  I just got. Suddenly the door bell rings..............  "

I assume this as a scenario (at present) which has three characters,Preeti Shenoy,A middle aged man and the guest"

Preeti has made the environment perfect and is eagerly waiting to the guest arrive. She has thought to prepare the tea before 10 mins of the guest's arrival. The piece of the cake is yummy and has all the ingredients to be called as "awesome",both in the flavour as well as in the way it is baked. It is still half-an-hour time for the guest to arrive. Few days back,she was thinking about presenting a gift to the guest as that would be more impressive and could show the level of rapport between them. Preeti suddenly remembers that she forgot to purchase the gift which she had decided already. When she is thinking about this,the door bell rings.Though she is eagerly looking forward to invite the guest and there is a hitch,that she forgot to buy the gift.The door bell keeps rining.

Though she has two different thoughts now,but she needs to open the door anyways. There stands middle aged man with a notebook in the hand. He enquires "I need to meet preeti shenoy" and preeti shenoy replies with a mild confusion "Yeah I am". The man replies with "There is a courier for you, Please sign it and receive".Preeti signs and receives.Now she has to open it.(Say that,that is a online-ordered gift). The clock shows that it is still 10 mins for the guest to arrive.Ghosh..She needs to prepare the Tea as well.Walking towards her kitchen, she opens the gift. A Suprise,that is the gift which preeti wants to gift her guest. That gift has been from the guest whom she is eager to invite. She feels great to be gifted by the guest and now the guest stands high in her heart.

"Hey Preeti",A acquainted voice comes from the door.The door is left opened,as she did not close the door after receiving the gift from the courier person.The person who stands high in her heart,stands there with the loving smile. How can she forget the courier person as well..

Do I really need to say that the meet is going good.? :) :)  Let us not disturb them.

Let us have a cup of tea :) :)